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Author Marketing

Key Goals for Authors:

As an Author, your primary goal is to sell books. Our programs and are based on this goal.


Our services for authors include Publishing, Editing and our specialty marketing systems that are focused on building brand, building an email list and getting readers to engage. We put a great deal of thought into creating a custom program to meet your business goals. We start by having a conversation about your goals. Based on that conversation we will put together a Social Sales Marketing System that fits your goals and budget.

Publishing Services:

We work with you to help your format your Microsoft Word Doc book from (dimensions, margins, layout, sizes, spacing, TOC,…) according to your desired size and interior for publishing on Create Space, Kindle, Nook, Barnes and Noble etc. This includes font choice, layout, image placement formatting, ISDN number, and uploading to Create Space.

Pricing: varies based on # of Pages and # of Images

Editing Services:

Full editing services including copy editing, line editing and content editing.  To understand the difference visit this blog post:

Pricing: varies based on #of pages , words and the scope of requested services.

Social Sales Systems:

Social Sales System Foundation: We will build a sales system that will properly brand promote the both the Author and his books. The system will integrate with your chosen social media profiles together and the focus will be to build an email marketing list for increased sales. The system includes the following action items:

  • Create a Landing Page (one page) website that features and brands the Author and links back to the books on Amazon. A blog component for the Author is also included.  (additional pages can be added)**
  • Integration with email marketing platform* for list building
  • Connect websites and social media profiles to create what is called a “link wheel” effect to enhance exposure.
  • Create a “Free Downloadable Free Chapter” that includes some “exclusive content” from the Author.
  • Create up to 5 follow up emails to be sent after a visitor opts in
  • Create a Twitter Profile for Search Engine Visibility (Set-Up)
  • Create a Custom Twitter background for Branding (Set-Up)
  • Additional Social Media Platforms as requested**

Pricing: $500 and **Up     *email marketing platform additional

PR/Social Sales Management/Marketing:

In this phase we begin building a following on your chosen social marketing platforms and help identify and connect with key influencers in your genre. Twitter is always included for Authors. Other social platforms can include Facebook, You Tube. Our goal here is to connect with key influencers who will write reviews and send out recommendations to their list. We may also recommend an element of paid advertising and JV partnerships to increase book sales.

Services include:

  • Building a fan base on Social Media platforms
  • Pre-determined posting of content to social profiles
  • Connecting with key influencers and arranging interviews and or book reviews.
  • Finding JV Partners for cross promoting purposes
  • Media Placement (Solo-Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads)

Pricing: Starting at $99 per month plus 1X set up

Virtual Book Tours:

Our Virtual Book tour packages will help you get your book recognized. Virtual book tours are a powerful way to get massive exposure for you and your book.   We’ll do the footwork and get you in front of book bloggers, podcasters and other media outlets that reach your target audience.  We’ll:

1. Identify the blogs, podcasters  and online media outlets that reach your target audience.
2. Start becoming “known” on the sites by offering helpful, informative comments on blog postings.
3. Compile a database or grid with each site’s contact name, e-mail address, site URL, notes about the site’s format, and specifics about what you like about the blog. These last two items will help you in the pitching process.
4. Select your tour dates.
5. Send your pitches.
6.  Book a pre-selected number of “events.”