We Doubled Her Business – The True Story and How We Did It

Doubled Her Business

We Doubled Her Business! It sounds like I earned some bragging rights, and in truth I did. While I love being able to brag, there's a bigger story, a teachable moment as they say. Therefore, this is the story that I'll be telling today. Read on.

I had a weekly conference call with one of my clients. It was a meeting where we reviewed the numbers and discuss the focus and actions for the coming week. In that conversation, she said; "you know Kate, before working with you I saw X number of clients per week, now I'm seeing Y clients per week."

It was EXACTLY DOUBLE. I started laughing and said; "So I can tell the world that I doubled your business."

Why did I laugh? While I technically doubled her business, the size of the numbers we were working with is small. How small?

Before I started helping her, she saw three clients a week. I doubled that to six clients a week. Since that meeting, the practice has continued to grow, and she is now seeing 8 - 9 clients a week. Her goal?: 12 paid client sessions per week.

I could be a smarmy marketer and make a big deal about how we doubled her business and spun it into PR piece. The truth is, the story isn't that we doubled her business. The teachable moment is in the strategy and tactics we used to do it.

The Client:

A local business owner and professional service provider. She has a passion for helping her clients and is an expert at what she does. More importantly, her clients see results. She sees clients face to face, doesn't want to build a million dollar business. She wants to generate consistent and predictable income and have a flexible schedule for her local practice. Long-term, she wants to develop passive income stream through online courses and products.

This is important because not every business wants to be a million dollar business. The strategies and tactics that you use to grow your business differ from business to business.

How We Doubled Her Business:

The Plan:

  • We started by identifying her goals.
  • Developed a separate timeline and process for each goal.
  • Identified the tactics we would use to execute the strategy.
  • Put the plan in motion. Consistent daily action.

The Goals:

  1. Fill her calendar with weekly private clients.
  2. Fill monthly group classes with live, in person students.
  3. Create a passive income stream with recorded group training and education.
  4. Implement a monthly "mastermind" program with monthly conference calls/webinars

The Tactics:

Each goal requires a different tactic. Therefore, we needed to create separate timelines for each goal. Because she is a solopreneur, we were careful to create a timeline that fits with her lifestyle.

Goal 1: Fill her calender with weekly private clients: This is best done via search engine marketing. Google Adwords was chosen as the tactic due to the control and flexibility it offers.

Goal 2: Fill monthly group classes with live, in person students: Determine the monthly classes. Use Facebook ads to target fans of the Facebook page and the local surrounding area. List the event in local event directories. Facebook ads are used because classes are unlikely to have enough "search intent" to fill the classes. Our experience has taught us that Facebook delivers better results for this type of marketing.

Goal 3: Create a passive income stream with recorded training and education: A passive income stream is income that is derived from work that is done once but sold multiple times. Typically it's in the form of digital products such as audio recordings, training webinars or a series of how to videos. We are just beginning this phase. It includes creating simple training audios that add value to and benefit the customer. We are in the process of creating this content now. The foundation framework includes creating a "sales funnel" and building an email marketing list. The promotion strategy will be Facebook ads and possibly webinars.

Goal 4: Group Coaching and Mastermind: Group coaching in a virtual environment is a fantastic way to create positive cash flow with minimal time commitment. This phase will be executed later in the marketing plan. First, we will build the recorded training courses, test and fine tune the marketing. Once satisfied we will launch the group mastermind.

The Timeline:

Goal 1: Nearly complete: 3 - 4 months This is an ongoing process, and we will keep the current strategy in play.

Goal 2: In process now. Anticipate 1st phase complete in 2 months. Monthly

Goal 3: Planning and creation: 2 - 3 months. Execution and 1st sales to begin in month four.

Goal 4: Group Coaching and Mastermind: This is a longer term project that we will implement about three months after the digital courses.

There ya have it. A simple strategy executed with consistent, focused action. This plan is consistent for this business. The important takeaway is that  when you start with goals, it's easier to identify and execute the plan and get results.

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