The Ultimate GoDaddy Website Builder Tutorial for beginners

The Ultimate GoDaddy Website Builder Training for Beginners

1. How To Choose and Install the Theme

In this GoDaddy Tutorial you'll learn how to install the right theme for your website, how to reset the theme and about what to look for when installing the Theme

2. How to Set Your GoDaddy Website Fonts and Colors

This video will walk you through how to update and change fonts and colors on your GoDaddy website.

3. How to Edit the  Home Page of your

GoDaddy Website

This the meat and potatoes of setting up your GoDaddy website. You'll learn how to customize your website so it's perfect for you. This video covers how to use the site editors, work with page sections, add and delete page sections and how to customize features to fit your brands needs. 

4. How to add your Logo and Favicon to your site.

GoDaddy makes it simple to use either a text logo or an image. This video walks you through how to upload your logo, switch from a text logo to an image logo and how to upload your favicon -- the small, icon image that displays in the address bar of your browser .

5. How to work with images on your GoDaddy Site.

One of the benefits of building your website with GoDaddy is its extensive image library. The image library is licensed and ready for you to use. You can use these images without having to worry about copyright infringement - plus they are sized perfectly to fit your website.

Why Choose GoDaddy?

GoDaddy's website builder is super easy to use and can be a good choice for any small business owner who wants a website that they build and manage themselves.

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