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How to Navigate Your WordPress Website

How to Navigate Your WordPress Website

How to navigate WordPress is a common question that beginners have. If you need help learning how to navigate your WordPress website and add content to that website, this video will help you.  In this video you will learn how to :

  1. Login to your wordpress website:   (It’s always – www.yourdomain/wp-admin)
  2. Understand the WordPress Dashboard
  3. Teach you how to add pages
  4. Teach you how to add products to an e-commerce site that has the woo-commerce plugin installed.

WordPress is very easy to use, but it can be overwhelming for someone new. To make things more complicated, every theme has slightly different features so what works in one wordpress theme doesn’t work in another.

There is one standard component to every wordpress website. That common component is that the navigation is the same for every element. If you understand how to navigate pages or posts then you will be able to do figure out and manage your wordpress site as you grow it.

This post is for beginners who are just learning wordpress.

Questions? Comments? Please ask below and I’ll be sure to respond.

Enjoy this journey.

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  1. Good basic information for wordpress beginners. I do find that the top horizontal bar grabs my attention more quickly for updates and as a mind tickler to empty the cache.

    The great thing about wp is that it is not that hard to learn the basics.

  2. I have loved WordPress since I came across it. SInce then I have never tried or trusted Joomla or Drupal which are also CMS platforms. I have always liked and loved WordPress because of its simplicity and you can twist almost anything and everything that you want.

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