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Kate is the Founder of Marketing Understood providing strategy and skills for the modern business.

She provides education and tools to help you thrive in the noisy world of business today. Her goal is to help you cut through the confusion and focus on what matters so that

you can stop struggling and move forward. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and understands the challenges and struggles that real people experience. She helps you understand the "why behind the how" and connect the dots that lead to success.

She does this with courses, private group coaching, books, speeches, business advisory and personal coaching.

While her 20+ years of experience can help any business, her passion is "Purpose After 50" and helping second career and retirees develop lifestyle businesses that will fund a life of joy, purpose and connection.

Kate lives in Northern California with her better half Kent, her dog Zoey and 3 Cats. Her kids are off at college and she is still in the process of adapting to "life after kids".

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments. I'm really approachable and am happy to offer support or connections where I'm able.