Thank You for Purchasing a "Pay It Forward" Small Business Website 

Your Contribution will help a small business recover and thrive during and after this crisis is over! Thank you.

Here's what happens next:

  1. You will receive an email that includes a receipt for your purchase.
  2. I will personally reach out to via email to thank you for supporting small businesses.
  3. If you purchased for a specific business - please fill out the contact information below and share the details. Depending on the time of the purchase I will call or email you by end of day or first thing the next business day.
  4. If you don't have a business already in mind - I will offer the site to a business on my waiting list.
  5. You will be notified when the website goes live.

About us

Kate Bourland

Entrepreneur, Founder, Marketing Expert‚Äč

Kate is the Founder of Amplify Mainstreet and Marketing Understood. She provides education and tools to help you thrive in the noisy world of business today. Her goal is to help you cut through the confusion and focus on what matters so that you can stop struggling and move forward. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and understands the challenges and struggles that real people experience. She helps you understand the "why behind the how" and connect the dots that lead to success.