Strategic Planning

Online Marketing Planning Services

Kate Bourland can assist you in developing a custom strategic marketing program that leverages the internet and integrates with your other forms of marketing.  We’ll look at your  email marketing, social media solutions on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social community sites to increase your online presence, create a Social Media fan base, build your reputation and ultimately boost your business revenue. Our services include evaluation, planning, training, tech set-up and social profile management.

Whether you are starting from scratch or have existing profiles on Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, and a blog, we are here to help you expand your presence in the exciting new world of Social Media marketing.

Three Step Process:

Step 1:  Planning

Strategic Audit


We’ll evaluate your current web presence—from your website, blog and traffic solutions, to your use of social media, and email opt in choices—or lack thereof. We’ll have a 30 minute one-on-one call where we walk you through the results and tell you what’s HOT and what’s NOT and give you honest feedback & recommendations!  The purpose of the call is to show you how to consolidate your efforts and maximize your results!

Strategic Plan

We’ll create a strategic marketing blueprint that will lay out a step by step plan of your marketing program.  We’ll evaluate your existing marketing efforts, your products and your goals and put together a blueprint that will help you achieve your business goals.

The following will be taken into consideration as we put together the plan:

  1. Your Goals
  2. Your Current Footprint (where we are now)
  3. Set Income Goals
  4. Competitive Analysis
  5. Budget
  6. Plan of Action – what we will do to implement the plan, examples include:  social media, email marketing, trade show, pod casts, joint venture partners, pay per click.


Step 2:  Set-Up (Creating the Offer)

Based on the strategic plan,  we set up the social media profiles, website components, develop products, packaging as defined in the Strategic plan.  Typically this is phased into manageable steps to meet the needs and the budget of the client. This is where we are building the house, it’s the foundation of everything that you do moving forward.

Social Profile Set-up: can include any of the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • You Tube
  • Google+
  • Linked-In
  • Four Square, Yelp or other local citation sites

Email Marketing:  Kate is a strong proponent of list building and email marketing as foundation to your marketing efforts.  Email marketing allows you to communicate with your customers and helps to remind them of your services.  It has proven return on investment and when implemented consistently, will increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Set up can include:

  • Choosing the right email marketing software.
  • Lead Capture Pages on website and social profiles
  • Content creation (newsletters, white papers

Video Creation:  If video is outlined in the strategic plan we will help establish the message and purpose and development of the video program.

Content Creation:  Other services include:  kindle publishing, membership sites and website develop as determined by the strategic plan.


Step 3:  Implementation – (Getting Buyers)

Implementation is where we start marketing your product or service to customers.  You will also hear me refer to this as “traffic”.  This is where the goals of the strategic plan are put into action and customers are created.    This is the ongoing process of connecting with your audience.  In includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Social Media posting and advertising
  2. Pay per Click advertising
  3. Ongoing content creation such as blog writing
  4. Webinars with joint venture partners
  5. Facebook paid advertising
  6. Syndication
  7. Radio
  8. Television


Questions or comments:  Please contact Kate Bourland –

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