Little Known Secret To Rid Yourself Of Cold Calling Forever

If you’ve ever been responsible for delivering sales objectives, chances are you’ve done your share of cold calling. You stare at the list of names, pick up the phone to dial and find an excuse to do something else. Or maybe you’ve been tasked with walking into businesses to cold call.  I remember times when I would park outside a business and sit in my car for 30 minutes…sometimes I wouldn’t even go in. It was really difficult.

Cold Calling Sucks – no question about it. Enter Craig Levinson, creator of the Stop Selling Start Winning system. He owned an employment agency and was facing going out of business. Why? He hated cold calling and as a result he wasn’t getting business in the door.  Faced with losing everything he had find a solution, and fast.

He had an idea, put it into action and within 12 months his business was thriving. He managed to outpace competitors in he market with no spend. He went on to teach the sales system to lawyers and other professionals and it resulted in over 7 million dollars in sales. He had so much success that he went on to win awards for the impact he created in his clients businesses.

I’ve been fortunate to help Craig, make this training available to everyone who struggles with cold calling.

We worked with him to help him create the digital program and online marketing funnel and make the training and program available digitally.

Craig’s unique method will  show exactly how to connect with two or three contacts in your sphere of influence and  convert them into hundreds of leads, without ever having to leave your home or office.  Better ySet, you’ll discover how do do it without any distasteful sales tactics.

To get the free report, drop by Stop Selling Start Winning and get your copy.

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