Twitter for Writers Book Review

Recently I had the pleasure of reading Twitter for Writers by Rayne Hall. I was excited to pick this up because I’m in the process of creating a step by step Twitter training that will teach people how to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool.  My goal is to provide the most comprehensive and actionable Twitter training available.

Because of this there is very little about Twitter that I haven’t read.   I make it a habit of picking up books from Amazon and devour every every Twitter article that I see.     Since I came to the table well versed on Twitter, I didn’t have high expectations for the Twitter for Writers book, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I picked up some tidbits from Twitter for Writers that I haven’t seen shared anywhere else.

In Twitter for Writers, Rayne Hall provides practical advise on how to use Twitter to build a thriving community.  It’s easy to read, simple to understand and serves up some valuable tips and tricks that will help every writer succeed on Twitter.  The chapter on hashtags where she shares writer focused hashtags is worth the price of the book all by itself.

Each chapter is broken into sections titled “The Basics”,  “Advanced Strategies” and “Mistakes I Made and Learnt From”.  There are tidbits and nuggets in every chapter and both beginners and advanced users will find useful information here.

My only complaint with the book is that I felt that the topic of hashtags was glossed over just a bit.  That’s because I feel that hashtags are one of the most powerful features of Twitter, so it could be just a personal bias.  On the flip side, she made up for it by sharing some amazing resources for writers.

I got the most value in how Rayne teaches her readers how to have real, human conversations on Twitter.  As a marketer, I tend to share resources and information that I feel will be useful to my followers but I wasn’t very good at having conversations.  After reading Twitter for Writers, I find myself having real conversations that have increased my enjoyment of Twitter.  More importantly, Rayne practices what she preaches and is fun to engage with.

Bottom line, if you’re a writer – Twitter for Writers is a must read.  It will absolutely help you understand the power of Twitter and give you the information that you need to effectively connect with people and ultimately it help you sell books.

If you’re not a writer you should pick this up just to learn how to have conversations on Twitter.  It will enhance your enjoyment of the platform, help you build your reputation and tribe.  I highly recommend Twitter for Writers – it’s a must read recommendation for all of my clients.

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