How to Use Buffer App to Post to Social Media

How to Use Buffer App is a common question that I get from my clients.  BufferApp is my most favorite social marketing tool.  It’s simple to use, uncomplicated and easily solves the problem of posting consistent updates to your social media profiles.  Watch as I show you how to use BufferApp to keep your social media marketing moving forward.

 What is Buffer App?

BufferApp is an online software that lets you “stack” or que your social media posts so that they drip feed to your social media networks.  It works with Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn Profiles and Groups, and Google+ Pages.

Why Use BufferApp

For me, the biggest value of BufferApp is it’s simplicity.  It’s a major time saver, I know what’s happening with my social profiles in terms of posting.  It’s does a few very well and for me that’s valuable.  There are other tools that que posts and help you manage your social media but they tend to be overcomplicated and confusing.

Watch the video for instructions on how to get started using Buffer App.  Any questions, comment below and I’ll be sure to answer.




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