How to Work with WordPress Widgets

How to work with wordpress widgets

How to Work with WordPress Widgets

Working with WordPress can be confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with the inner workings of WordPress. WordPress was originally created to make blogging easier, but as the platform became popular people started creating more robust websites using the platform. As a result, a market for WordPress Themes grew and today there are thousands and thousands of themes available. Themes help people create beautiful WordPress websites without having to have any programming skills. Many of these themes use something called WordPress Widgets to give design and structure to your WordPress site.

A WordPress Widget is a small block of code, like an app, that performs a specific function. They help you add content like images, banners, links, text to help your website reflect your personal brand. You can add these widgets in sidebars or other widget-ready areas that the theme designer coded into the theme. Widgets combined with the right theme help you create a beautiful website.

Ok, so enough of the boring background. The big question is….how to use them? Here’s a video I shot to that walks you through how to find the widget areas in your WordPress theme and more importantly how to add content to those widgets.

If after going through this you want something more, I recommend taking a look at Thrive Content Builder. It’s the single best wordpress tool in my marketing arsenal.

Once you understand how to use WordPress Widgets it becomes pretty logical. If you want more control and functionality with drag and drop ease, do consider Thrive Content Builder.

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