Why Your Business Must Have A Mobile Responsive Website in 2014

Growth in Mobile ChartBuilding a mobile responsive website could be the single most important decision that you can make for your business in 2014.

The growth in the use of smart phones and  tablets (think Ipads) has changed the way we interact with and access information.  Just a few short years ago, if we were looking for directions to a local business, the majority of us would look it up on our desktop computer, print the directions and off we would go. 

Today, nearly 60% of us grab our mobile phone, search for the product or service that we want, pull up the website, push a button to call that business, and then we plug the address into our navigation app to help us get there.    We do this while on the move, all from our mobile phones without the aid of a desktop computer or phone book.    In fact, Pew Research reports that more than 91% of all adults have a smart phone and, more importantly,  62% of them use their phone to search for and find businesses.

What is the best way to make your business mobile ready?

There are many ways to incorporate mobile into your business, but the easiest and most affordable way is to make sure that your website is mobile responsive.  In fact, in 2014, a mobile responsive website is no longer a choice; it’s a requirement.

What Does Responsive Mean?

responsive_themeThink of a responsive website as a “smart website”.  The website theme is smart enough to adjust how the content is displayed based on the device it’s being viewed from.  It will display one way on a desktop PC, adjust to fit the size of a laptop or iPad, and adjust again if the viewer is using a phone or other small device.  The best responsive themes adjust seamlessly and fluidly to the display of the device they’re being viewed from.  This increases the user experience and helps to ensure better conversion rates for the site.

How to Create a Mobile Website?

I recommend using WordPress as a website building tool.  WordPress has a huge database of website themes to choose from, many of which were created to work with mobile devices.   Choose a theme that is:

  • Affordable
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Well supported
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins

cyberchimpsOne of my favorites is the Responsive Theme by Cyberchimps.  I’ve had this theme in my arsenal for a while and recently rediscovered and used it on a project.   It’s available as a free theme and has a very affordable pro option that extends the usefulness of the theme.  Cyberchimps themes are all search engine friendly and extremely easy to use, making them great for both new and experienced users.   Best of all, all Cyberchimps themes are well supported by the developers, and the Responsive theme in particular  has a number of independent how-to videos available on YouTube that will help you create a beautiful custom website.

Check out some of the websites that have been built using Responsive Theme.

Action Items:

  1. Make the commitment to build a Mobile Responsive website this January.
  2. Choose your theme:  check out Cyberchimps Responsive Theme
  3. Build your website yourself or hire a web developer  to get it done for you.

To your success!

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